Hi, I'm Rachel.


I was that kid, the one who read the dictionary for fun.

Words are the most rudimentary building blocks of human civilization. Alone they are unassuming but when strung together they give us love notes on napkins, rambling bedtime stories, literature’s most impressive feats, and the legal documents that protect our rights.

I adore words so much that I was an English major in college just so I could spend more time with them and I went to grad school for library science so I could master them. Now, not only can I out-Google Sergey Brin but I understand the power language has to connect us in ways nothing else can.

I am a word geek living in Indianapolis with my one husband, two dogs, and three kids. When I’m not reading, writing, or researching, I’m stress baking, binge watching Joss Whedon shows on Netflix, drinking diet coke , or dreaming of my next trip abroad.


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Here is a small sample of my past work across a variety of topics and industries. For a more complete list of my work please visit RBrandtWrites.contently.com.

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